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Liquidity Theory

TrimTabs' edge is based on the view that stock prices are set based on supply and demand rather than fundamental value.
We measure both supply—the amount of shares available for investors to buy—and demand—the amount of money available to buy these shares.
We explain the implications of changes in supply and demand indicators for stock prices:
Increasing supply is bearish. All else being equal, more shares translate into lower stock prices. Conversely, decreasing supply is bullish. All else being equal, fewer shares translate into higher stock prices.
Some demand indicators are leading, while others are contrary. Increasing demand is generally bullish, except when inflows become extremely high.
We show investors how to use supply and demand indicators to make money. We offer five model portfolios in our weekly reports: three market timing models and two rotation models for sectors and countries.

TrimTabs Liquidity Theory

TrimTabs clients benefit from real-time analysis of equity market liquidity and macroeconomic trends:

Demand - We track the money moving into and out of the stock market by measuring the flows of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and hedge funds.

Supply - We measure changes in the float of shares by tracking corporate buying and corporate selling.

Macroeconomics – We provide a comprehensive assessment of the U.S. economy's health. We measure wage and salary growth and employment growth based on income tax withholdings, and we track a wide range of leading economic indicators.

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